Nordeacaust continues

On the 20th of April in our news we told how Nordea bank had informed Finnish Defence League by mail that the bank was going to terminate our bank account. You can read the news from this link.
(link is in Finnish language, sorry…)

Chairman of Finnish Defence League asked reason for this closing of bank account by using Nordea´s message services. The bank replied that reason was this closing of the bank account was based on total judgment.
Chairman of Finnish Defence League approached board of Nordea by e-mail and they promised to get back to FDL next week. While the promised week was approaching to its end FDL requested a reply again because there was no answer according to promise to reply.

It was until 24th of May when Senior Legal Counsel of Nordea Bank, Mr. Niki J. Welling replied:
“Your bank account has been closed according to banking terms section 23: Both The bank and the customer is entitled to close the account within one (1) month of the notice of termination unless otherwise agreed. The account can be closed by both parties without any specific reason.

Bank must know its customers and their business according to the legislation of banking business. According to this legislation bank must possess efficient systems to control risks. Similar obligations are stated in other regulations concerning banking business.
Termination of your customer relation is based on total judgment and risk management reasons. Because reason for closing your bank account is based on risk management we can not give you more detailed information.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this.

Should you consider this closing of your bank account been unfounded, you may contact the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau ( who will give you free advises and guidance.

FINE provides the customers with advice in issues and problems related to insurance, banking and securities.

Nordea Bank”

According to chairman of Finnish Defence League no identification has been requested by the Nordea Bank, consequently such information has not been provided by FDL.
Nordea bank is appealing to risk management when closing the account. There is no economical risk (small amounts of money in the account and no debt) so the risk must be concerning (losing) some anonymous other customer who has great economical importance to Nordea Bank.

If you consider customer´s risk while in relationship with Nordea Bank you might think that Nordea Bank could be blackmailed or pressed by some anti-Christian or anti-national lobbying group.
Thus relationship with Christian and national thinking customer might be considered unacceptable. This should not be considered as a reliable banking business.

You might wonder if Nordea Bank really knows their customers such as who may have business based on money laundering. This kind of allegations has been unfolded already but nothing has been commented.
Is it more profitable and less risky practising business with Nordea’s customers who have included ghost leaders and shell companies?
Read the news about Nordea Bank’s money laundering:
(link is only in Finnish language, sorry…)

Kansallismielisten Liittouma Ry (Nationalists Alliance) is now recommending everyone to close their Nordea Bank accounts and sign up for a customer relationship with such a bank who does not implement discrimination like Nordea Bank is doing.

The Chairman of Finnish Defence League will contact the Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau ( as soon as possible in this matter.

This publication was made by Kansallismielisten Liitto Ry